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New Client Setup

When you sign up, we’ll create a customized task and budget system to manage your goals, plans, work history, and budget.

Client OnboardingWe gather various credentials needed to perform our development and diagnostic tasks.

Base Code Check

We test your site and all of its extensions to confirm that no core edits have been made which prevent upgrading or introduce security risks.

Version Control Implementation

To maintain the integrity of your code, we use software to monitor changes made to your codebase and simplify management of future upgrades.

Discovery and Understanding

This includes a competition analysis of the websites in your field as well as defining goals and objectives for your Magento website. Finally we do a complete needs analysis. We’ll arrange for a meeting during this stage and discuss the objective and eCommerce business perspective of the whole website.


Hourly Rates

Simple Up-Front Magento Development Pricing


  • $70 / Hr

  • Purchased in blocks of 20 Hrs
  • Take our service for a test drive with minimal investment.

Part Timer

  • $60 / Hr

  • Purchased in blocks of 40 Hrs
  • Short term project collaboration or multiple incident support.

Full Time

  • $50 / Hr

  • Purchased in blocks of 80 Hrs
  • Long term project collaboration and custom development services.


  • $150 / Hr

  • Purchased in blocks of
    4 Hrs
  • Live, custom tailored screen-sharing training service.